Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 9 - Follow the Spirit and Everything Works Out!

October 12, 2015

Awww, thank you so much for your letter this week!! I figured out how to print off stuff and it was the best thing that ever happened to me so i can read them throughout the week!

I forgot Miriam was playing soccer!!! Tell her congrats for me! The BYU arts thing (Homecoming Spectacular) sounds so cool!!! and the falling stars...that is one thing I forgot when I came here is that there are different constellations!!! So cool! 

They really don't know how to play the piano here and no one is really musically talented at all so the first Sunday when the pianist was barely making out the notes and literally EVERYONE was off key I thought I was going to cry :) But its the way it is and it's fun to play the piano for people. I wish I would have brought the Marshall McDonald books, but another hermana here has them so for 3 more weeks I get to play them!!! 

Also we live by a park and a bar...2 great things for a fiesta combination and man do they party...and blast the music....luckily I found earplugs from the plane :) And there is more trash in this city than I have ever seen! I don't think people know what a trash can is or actually where to find one! 

We had a baptism this week and felt really bad because not many people showed up...and actually no one showed up until 30 min. after we were  supposed to start.  We didn't actually start until 1 hr. after that....Peruvian time...I thought I was bad. :) But it was of a 15 year old boy whose whole family besides his dad are members....and he is just so cute and their family is so strong and supportive of him! He just started living with their family and is only half siblings with them but they treat him them same as any other hermano. 

Baptism of the 21 yr. old woman and her nephew who had
to be rebaptized because there was confusion about
his birthdate and he was baptized when he was seven,
so he was rebaptized!

Also kind of funny before I got here they baptized a family and the mom gave them the wrong date for the son's birthday so they accidentally baptized a 7 year old! So he has to be baptized again this week :) He is also the same kid who came and took my  bag of melted ice cream out of my hand that I got from a member and just drank it...and he gave me a mango :) He reminds me of Karston Schwendiman :) 

My companion is from San Diego, California, so my Spanish learning has been a little bit slower than I wanted, but we try to speak only Spanish during the day and I am slowly being able to understand more and talk...only with the spirit. We get along okay...she kind of reminds me of Miriam 'cause she is grumpy in the morning and really won't talk and likes talking to the other hermana next door better but we are slowly trying to be more united...especially in the lessons.(ha, ha sorry Miriam :))That is a goal we have and we are working and getting better...Sometimes she just looks at me and then I have to speak and sometimes it takes a little bit to come up with something.... :)

We have really, solely lessons  during our working time and tract along the way...We teach about 4 or 5 lessons a day. The people are receptive and we really don't get rejected ever, but people just have a hard time keeping commitments. We've been working a lot with less actives and recent converts lately.

I have seen the Lord's hand every day!!!! On days or moments where I just want to be done, and I get a prompting to forget about myself has been incredible!!! And when I follow the promptings of the spirit, everything works. Yesterday we had a lesson with a 16 yr old girl and she has been less active for 2 years because her family aren't members. I got a prompting to just listen and not to think about what to say...and every time I needed to say something the words came out and I understood her!!! The electricity went out after that so we went to dinner and I prayed for the lights to come on and they did so we could keep teaching that night!!!

Also, I have never sweat so much in my life!!!!! I am so much tanner already it is ridiculous! 

I have felt the spirit so strong testify when I am teaching. Even when I don't know what to is given in the hour and minute if I are in tune with the spirit.

I have to go, but I love you all so much!!! Keep being the amazing people you are and try to be better!

Hermana Briggs

Also ponderizing scripture for the week is D&C 20:37

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