Advice for what has been useful!

When asked what has been useful or what she wished she had brought, this was the response:

 All the shirts brought should be short sleeved, cotton, breathe-able shirts that don't have to an have an undershirt under, even if its black or dark colored its okay, better than 2 layers. 

For skirts, bring cotton or "chelise"...that's what it is in Spanish, I can't remember in English. I wish I had brought more light cotton skirts. 

And don't forget a few sweaters and 1 or 2 "normal" skirts cause it gets "cold here" sometimes :) 

Bring croc type shoes, at least 2 pair, and then other good soled shoes... I have loved my taos! (just be sure they are well made and can stand up to water). Also good flip flops for showers and shoes for conferences and church. I didn't bring rain boots, because they took up a lot of space and had heard that there were plenty in the sister's apartments to use, which was true!

My umbrella has broken a little but it's been pretty good. I brought a pretty tough one (made to withstand lots of wind) and am glad I did.

Read and study "Preach My Gospel" and learn the lessons before. Then when you learn them in Spanish the transition is easier. 

You will receive a bag when you get here, but it will probably not last the whole mission. I brought a waterproof courier bag from Timbuk2 that I love. The waterproofing is pretty much gone now, but it has been fabulous.  

Bring a little "Preach My Gospel" and mini hymn book in Spanish. There aren't hymn books here, so you need to have your own. 

There are only a handful of cities in the Iquitos, Peru mission, most of which need to be traveled to by airplane.  Some of these are small, so you may not be able to bring all of your luggage (the rest will stay at the mission home), so be prepared to determine what is most important!

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