Thursday, July 7, 2016

Week 47 - Confidence, Support, and a New President

July 4, 2016

This week so much has happened i dont really know where to start.
Well ill start with the crazy weird things...i finally ate something weird on my mission...cow tounge! And it was actually super duper good! So tell Uncle Ben we`ll have to make some tacos with it when i get back!
We also saw our first snake! It was big and long and gross so i just kept away from was trying to eat giant rats. Gable would have loved it!
And i cut my hair was so gross. I was just scared to let anyone touch it, so i gave my scizzors to my companion Hermana Vazquez and she did an absolutely fabulous job for cutting hair for the first time in her life :) No regrets there!

Hermana Vazquez was also sick for this entire last week so it gave me a good chance to learn my area and get to know the members of the ward a little better. It actually was super good for me to have to teach a lesson basically by myself and gain the confidence that i needed to be able help her and the people in our area. But hermana Vazquez is so great and we finally figured out what she needed to make her better (just allergy medicine :) and now she's working full force, bouncing with energy! I just love her!

So also we are slowly finding people to teach that are willing to progress and put their faith in Jesus Christ. One of the pics is with them. We started teaching a member who gave us a reference of her brother in law. Well we finally taught him this week and man it was probably the most perfect lesson ever! He is already so prepared and has his system of support through his brother and sister in law. He came to church with her this week too and we had only taught him once!!!! That basically never happens here and we can really see his desire to learn so we are super excited to help him learn more!

Also we got our new mission president this week! We've only talked to him and his wife once, but they already seem amazing. They were called by God so i am sure they are incredible. But we also had the goodbye of President and Hermana Gomez on Monday. We did a little Q&A thing and one thing that i loved that Hna Gomez said when she was asked what great miracle she had seen on her mission was waking up Monday morning and realizing her husband wasnt laying next to her...and then realizing he was sitting by the window in tears. That was the greatest miracle. 

There are so many miracles that happen in the mission, but they all seem to come and center around one thing...around our Savior Jesus Christ. I read a scripture this morning in Mosiah 15:7 that talks about how Christ submitted His will completely to the Father. That is what we have to do to become like Him. "We can make of ourselves just an ordinary man. He can make a God." I invite you all to let His will become your will, to give all your wishes and desires to Him...and its incredible how much happier we can be!

Love you all! Have an amazing week and keep smiling brightly!!

Hermana Briggs

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