Monday, January 23, 2017

Week 76 - This is the Lord's Work and Lots of Companions!

January 23, 2017

Hello Familia!

Well this was probably the most companions I have had in one week! I had visits from 2 sisters this week and we were able to do splits and conquer a lot! 

We also got a new companion this week named Hermana Pac. I love her! She was trained by Hermana Wood and they act just the same! We have had some adjustments but really after already being in a trio, I just love it! We went to the airport 3 times this week to pick up and drop off sisters. 

I had a little experience this week when I was on exchanges with a sister from our ward. The family we were going to visit wasn't home, and so we went to visit another sister. On the way there, I saw a young woman sitting in her motokar on her phone. I felt impressed to contact her, so I did. We found out she was studying English and French and didn't have much time to listen to us. So, I asked her if I could help her with her English. So, there in the middle of the street, we practiced English. When she asked me what I love about Iquitos, I told her it was sharing the gospel with people. She ran into her house to grab her schedule and said "you can come back to visit me Monday, Thursday or Sunday." I know that service opens people's hearts and fills their souls with love. 

Never forget what your savior did for you and what glorious opportunity you have to share this gospel with others! I know this is the Lord's work!

I'm loving it here! Don't worry! If you can believe it, I even enjoy the heat at this point! Sorry it's so short this week! Enjoy the pictures! 

Love you tons!
Hermana Briggs

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