Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 11 - Visas, Fish and Teaching!

October 26th, 2015

So the period button doesn't work well so I might be using lots of exclamation points instead!

In front of the Lima Temple on a trip to get a Visa! Ran into Elder
Connor Pearce, a friend from back home!
This week I got sent to Lima for a day to get my Visa because I was one of the few that didn't get it while I was in the CCM (MTC)! And I was super frustrated about it, but we got there and they took us to this super nice hotel . . . like super nice. I had a hot shower with water pressure and everything was so clean it kind of shocked me! But while I was there I was trying to find myself being more happy than I was in Pucallpa with our constantly dusty floor, with little inchworm bugs all over the wall and dirt bumpy streets, but I wasn't happier! I was content, but I wasn't happy.

Then after we got our visas, we got to go to the TEMPLE!! I walked in and I started bawling because I felt so happy and realized the stark difference of worldly contentedness and true happiness!!!! True happiness comes from our families and from things of God! I know that without a second doubt in my mind! I don't have the nice things of the world in Pucallpa, but I wanted to come back so bad! I wanted to come back to teach the people of the thing that brings so much happiness! The Gospel of Jesus Christ! 
So ya that was my little aha moment this week :)

Also, we have a new family I think I said something about last week. Carlos and Chelith are their names and they have 4 cute little kids!! They came to the Peru Bolivia conference with us this week at the stake center on Sunday and they were so ready to go!! They woke up at 4 in the morning to be ready for us to pick them up at 8:30! Elder Neil L. Anderson spoke in Spanish. If you can try to imagine that, you have imagined right.  IT was in a super gringo accent, but he was so filled with the spirit. Carlos told us last night that Elder Anderson is so humble and he could feel something different. And then we told him it was the spirit! They are so awesome!!! 

This week has been hard.  I don't want to make it sound like missions are only great! They seem to be full of lots of hard experiences and then absolutely beautiful streaks of the good times!! And really it is so easy to find the good in everything if you are looking for it! Like the cute little old Peruvian ladies that remind me of the Native Americans :) Or when we find someone new to teach! Or when you figure out that they have chocolate dipped ice cream cones here!

A menos activo (less active) we were teaching had a live fish that flopped on the floor during the middle of our lesson.  They buy them live because they are fresher!
Cherish the little things in life!! Thank you for being such great examples to me!! I think about you daily and give thanks that I have such great people in my life! I can feel of your prayers and love so strong!! "Doubt not and fear not." "All these things shall give thee experience and shall be for thy good."
Love you all!!!

Hermana Briggs

Oh and enjoy the "bad weather" for me :) I love snow!!!! 

Answers to questions:
So, October is the rainy month which I am not going to complain about because like every other day is cloudy!!! Otherwise, you literally drip sweat all day!! And when I I look like dad after a's disgusting :) Love ya, Dad!
My companion's name is Hermana Willes..she is from San Diego, California.
We live in an apartment together and there is another companionship of sisters that lives next door to us in another apartment.

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