Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 14 - 1st Zone Conference & following the Spirit

November 16th, 2015


Hello!!! How is everyone doing??? Still alive and happy, I hope :) You guys keep getting in a lot of accidents and I think I should be more worried about you, than you about me :) 

Our 1st Zone Conference in Pucallpa.
This week we had zone conference for the first time since I have been here and it was SO good! We learned so much about diezmo and ayuno (tithing and fast offering) and the importance of teaching our investigators directly. They have to know at some point or they're just going to be confused :) I also got to talk to President and Sister Gomez during lunch and they remind me of Grandma and Grandpa Briggs on a mission! I love them so much!

I am understanding the frustrating part of missionary work when you commit people to come to church and verify it with them the night before and then they don't show up!!!! Like 5 families!!! But all you can do is your best and leave it to them. One of the gifts we have in this life is agency. A challenge and a blessing all in one.
Our home in Pulcallpa! 
Our cute little family that is getting baptized didn't come yesterday or last week because their house was almost flooded, so I'm worried about them. 

Cool experience this week was that Hermana Willes and I were trying to find a house that we had the address for, and we had contacted the woman once, but not at her house. We passed  by this yellow house and I thought you should go ask them for directions, but we went back and forth and to a bodega (mini mart) and then finally I followed the prompting! Well, what do ya know, it was her house! And we taught her and her husband and they were both super into the lesson and we are going back on Tuesday!! Crazy how following the spirit actually works :) 

Also we found out why Hermana Willes has been sick...she has parasites and an intestinal infection :) But now we have medicine, so, hopefully she will be 100% better soon!

This pic is of us cleaning the flooded apartment!!!! Literally the entire thing!
I hit my 3 month mark this week!! I can't believe how fast time goes!! I'm 1/6 done with my mission!!! That may not seem like a lot to everyone else, but I am shocked! 

Keep counting your tender mercies! They are so abundant and I could go on forever about them here :) And keep smiling and showing the light of the Lord.
Love you all!!!
Hermana Briggs

Also mom I had a crazy idea that for YW you should do an activity where you have practices saying yes or no to watching a bad movie or things like that. If you practice it, they have so much more confidence!

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