Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 13 - Rain and Tender Mercies

November 9th, 2015

Riding in a "moto."
I am so glad to hear you are all doing well!!! And that Gable shot another one of God's great creatures....props to you :) (Her brother shot a big buck last week).

Thanks for the pictures! I think I am going to go print some out today. You guys are all so cute! 
Ya, it breaks my heart when people decide to go against what the prophets of God have said. They are the reason we have the church of God on the earth...una luz en la obscuridad (a light in the darkness) as I teach to investigators. 

So I wanted to do what I do in my journal: I write Entrañares Misericordias por cada día! (tender mercies for each day)

-First, we went to the muncipalidad to take out birth certificates for our family that is going to be married. Att first they told us because he was born in Lima and his birthday was wrong in the computadora that we were going to have to go through this huge process to get it...I said a prayer hoping it would help. She came back and told us that the computer was actually wrong and that we could get it like normal!!! Huge blessing!!! They can't get married the date we planned because they didn't come to church...because it RAINED SO HARD!!!! And they live over the river...this is a really bad pic of their house.
You can see the water lines from the
flooding that occurs here often.

-Next one day we found this super friendly family that was making cigarettes in their house and we went back and had a lesson with them later this week. They are super awesome and the son was reading my Libro de Mormon almost the whole time we were there so I left him with one. But I have never seen such a huge pile of cigarettes in my life!!!!! I wish I could have taken a pic of it! But I love them so hopefully we can go back!

-We taught the husband of one of our menos activos (less actives) this week and wow it was a cool lesson. The wife has been wanting to get married for forever and we were on track to do it but then if fell through because of money and really I think that the husband couldn't see any reason for doing it. But last night we found him at his house because it was raining (thank you rain) And we taught him!!! He is also super chevere (cool, macho), so I really hope he progresses too.

Also this is what the dogs look
 like here...i finally got a pic!!!
-So we were talking with this lady at the airport the other day who said she hates it when it rains because it brings in the gripe (flu)...I laughed inside because I thought "ya right." Well, I spoke too soon because I got sick. The next morning I got up and we had soup for the second time ever on my mission! Complete tender mercy! And we had a conference that didn't start till 11, so I got to sleep and recuperate. 

I could go on and on about the tender mercies this week but I don't have a ton of time! 
That's my challenge for you, though; to see the hand of God in your life. Because he is everywhere! You just have to look for him.

Well, I love you all!!! Keep smiling and being progressing!
Hermana Briggs

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