Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 40 - Progression & Line Upon Line

May 16, 2016

Hna D* and me!
Thank you so much for your update on everything! It is amazing to see as I become more focused in on the missionary work, the more I feel like I'm not missing anything at home, o mejor dicho (or better said), that I feel like I am there with you doing all of it! I think I've finally accepted that things aren't supposed to stay the same. We are supposed to keep on progressing and we can't progress if we stay the same. 

This week was another great week of progress! I managed to get sick this week again and ended up in the clinic with my companion. It was just a sore throat with a fever, but the sicknesses are so different here and if you don't get it cured quick you can end up being sick for months. But I'm 100% better now thanks to an early catch. 

We also had a day visit from the sister leaders! It is always so cool to work with someone else and learn from their example. I worked with Hna Dambrosio who is so so dedicated in the work of the Lord and gave me so much strength to keep doing the absolute best I can every single day. 

Funny moment this week when we were teaching D, one of our recent converts who was just diagnosed with a life long sickness, but always seems to make us laugh. He came to church on Sunday for the first time in a month and a half because he can now walk a little!!! But my companion was explaining that if we only try the sweet sweet sweet we can never know the salty. Like if we only know good, we can never know what the bad is or appreciate the good. At the end he blurted out "and, ya, you would have diabetes too!" We all busted up laughing, but as I thought about it he was right from what we had explained :)

Our family that is progressing, but can't get baptized because of paper problems, has a son that is going to get baptized! We really feel that if he gets baptized he will help strengthen his family until they can follow his example. He is so excited and already is inviting and bringing his friends to church. He has the greatest questions like "if I pray can I reach eternal life?" He's great! 

The recipe I promised to send!
I hit my halfway mark this week...I seriously can't believe its here! But I was super excited to find that my pensionista had learned how to make pancakes :) I'm so excited to keep learning and progressing and really don't want it to ever end!

My scripture this week is found in 2 Nefi (Nephi) 28:30....line upon line, precept upon precept we learn. Don't get down if by tomorrow your not perfect. Trust in God and his plan for you!

I love you so much!!

Hermana Briggs

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