Friday, September 4, 2015

Week 2 - Don't doubt!

August 26th, 2015

Hola de la bonita pais de Peru...mas o menos. ¿Como estan? Peru es una mixtura de palabras, bonita, y loca, y perfecto en lo mismo momento. It has been another great week at the CCM..thats what we call the MTC here...i cant remember why. I am so sorry you were sick this last week!! I understand how you feel :) I have been sick more days than I have not here. Tell Gable I am so proud of him!!!!! That is so awesome!
Getting a visa
At the end of last week, literally an hour after I wrote you i got sick and was sick for the next few days after that. It was actaully a really good experience and helped me learn that i can still function and teach okay even if im not feeling great. One night though i was just feeling awful and i had my district leader give me a blessing. In that instant during the blessing I felt like I was at home because I was wearing the jacket that mom told me to bring, but I didnt want to take, but i did because she told me to (always listen to moms, the ALWAYS know what is best) And it also felt like Dads hands were on my head. The words were absolutely beautiful and i KNEW that they couldnt be the words of an 18 year old young man. It is really so incredible to see the power of the priesthood literally working miracles. THa night also in our district prayer my district leader, Elder Droubay, blessed me to be well by morning, and darn me i doubted. When i woke up the next morning and felt fine i wanted to cry because of my doubts. Have faith in the Lord! Dont doubt, it will do nothing for you. Anyways I still felt sick for the rest of the day, but that morning I was perfectly fine.

Also my spanish is improving! Slowly but surely!!! I am trying to speak more from my mind and heart  rather than what is written in words  on a paper when I am teaching our "investigators". It takes a lot of practice, but it will come. We are techincally considered intermediate now because we have been here for 2 weeks, but I have a feeling I am going to feel like a "beginner" for the entire time here!
They clean everything!
We went to interpol (police/fbi/dmv type department) and Migraciones on Monday and Tuesday to get our visa stuff figured out and it was the first time I had driven in a car...not bus. There is so much pollution here your stomach gets sick in all the traffic with it. Vendors walk up and down traffic selling stuff on the freeways. And everything is covered in either ads, graffitti, or pollution dust. The dirt and pollution literally coat everything and the people at the CCM spray all the trees and buildings down all the time to keep it from getting like that!

Anyways i got to talk to a few people about the gospel at interpol, 2 in english (Thank goodness) and I gave my spanish Book of Mormon to one and another elder gave one to the other. My first Book of Mormon placement!!!!I was really able to see every person around me as God sees them! It was incredible!!!!!! EVERYONE needs the gospel and EVERYONE has so much potential!!!!!
So Elder Bednar is coming to speak today to the missionaries in the CCM and other missionaries in the Lima area!! I am so excited!! They had us read some talks in preparation for it! They were absolutely amazing!!! There is one I want you to read as a family...its called "Ask in Faith" by Elder Bednar. Please do what you can to be member missionaries! I know you do :)

With roommates at the CCM (MTC)
Also in a devotional we watched on sunday for the missionaries, again Elder Bednar, I learned something really cool... That once you make a covenant, your agency changes because in reality, it is really not yours anymore. You dont really have the option not to follow the commandments because you made a covenant to do so, so everytime you sin, you are actually breaking a covenant! That really puts a new perspective on everything!

Well I love you all so much!!!
Also my companion is from Pleasant View, Utah. She is awesome!
Also if you could, could you pray for the gift of tounges for me, and you? The gift of tounges is not just only for those learning a new language. It is for anyone who wants to share the word of God.
Again I love you so much and basically dream about you every night :)
Keep smiling!!!
Hermana Briggs

Oh and I love the schedule!! Im pretty sure I have some kind of parasite something... or will within the next few weeks...its just life :)
It has been hard, but the hardest thing i have ever loved to do!

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