Friday, September 4, 2015

Week 3 - Such a Great Week!

September 2, 2015
Hola Familia!

This last week has been such an emotional rollercoaster ride,,,probably like every week :) I am so amazed how God puts people directly in our lives  to help us with what we are struggling with, and also how we can help others.
Lima, Peru Temple
I have had so many tender mercies in my life lately!! Maybe I'm just starting to notice them more.
I'm becoming grateful for the little things, like running every day, seeing the sun, getting rolls for dinner, singing songs as room hermanas, being able to understand spanish, being able to help the new missionaries, remembering a word in spanish when i need it to teach a lesson and learning how to have sufficient faith in Jesus Christ.
Poco a poco...has been the motto of my life this week especially with español and teaching our "investigators". Not going to lie, this has been the hardest week so far. I am out here for real now and I´m not going home. At the beginning it felt like a EFY kind of experience with a missionary and español emphasis...but not anymore! I am understanding more that I am a representative of Jesus Christ. This is His church and if the stability of everything around the world isnt proof enough i dont know what is.
I love that we get to go to the temple every week, it is like a home away from home. We went to this place called Metros...kind of like a Walmart only peru on 3 levels and so crazy it gets your blood pumping a little bit!
We get to go Procelyting this Saturday so i am super excited for that! hopefully ill be able to get something out of my mouth :)
As for the spanish...a mas or menos. I can actually understand pretty well now and we can teach a lesson without writing out our entire lesson word for word. The spirit is so much stronger when you can listen to their needs and then go from there.
CCM (MTC) Lima, Peru
I think I talked about the crazy elders in my district before, and yes they are still crazy! But they have helped me so much to not get stressed about everything. They have the best granparend impersonations ever and they crack me up! They know how to make it the Plan of Happiness thats for sure. And then the rest of us Hermanas just try to keep them under control :)
This is His gospel and I wouldnt be able to do this without Him. Im learning that poco a poco every day!
Well stay incredible and keep on helping Gods children, that is what we are here to do!
and something cool i learned this week
Have a beautiful week and keep smiling!
Love, Hermana Briggs
And I am so glad you had such a great time at Lake Powell besides all the injuries! Incredible missionary story!!!! Tell Gable I hope he flies too ;) Keep me updated on everyone! I love hearing about you because here it feels like the world is paused even though I know it isnt. I miss you all a lot, but it is okay because the work of our Savior is what needs to be done. I am trying to just love the people and love teaching, but it is hard. I pray for you morning and night and think about you and pray again for you in between.

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