Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Week 5 - The "Joys" of Learning Spanish

September 16, 2015

Sister in my District at the MTC.
Hola Familia!!!
Wow sounds like such a fun and crazy week like always! I am going to remind you I have never played the star game either, (it's like tag in the dark with a glow in the dark star that the person who is "it" holds), so some day in the future we will have to play it...maybe the more dangerous version too :) Tell the girls to enjoy canning for me!

Este semana ha sido muy bien! (This has been a very good week).  Each week is going by so much faster than the week before it. I feel like time is jello and no matter how hard I try to hold it, it just slips out of my hands! They eat lots of jello here, and ice cream and chicken and rice.

So last Friday we got to our class and my teacher told us that we were changing companions for the last week and a half of the MTC. They don't usually do this and i think it is because there have been problems with some of the companionships, but they switched up all of our companionships in our district! I really just wanted to sit down and cry because I really had grown to absolutely love my companion and felt like we were actually really starting to progress as a companionship and in teaching. Hermana Tirrell is my new companion and I absolutely love her!!!! It was hard originally because I still wanted to be with my other companion, but the Lord knows what He is doing, and He really knows I hate change but it is really good for me. She speaks Spanish so much better than i do but is a little quieter so she really helps me with my Spanish and gives me lots of opportunities to talk in Spanish.

Sis. Jardine and me with my really
 comfy Peruvian pants!
We have also started to talk to the Latinas more, honestly because we actually kind of can now. One day i was trying to ask a Latina if she was planning on marrying her novio after the mission and the first word that came to my head was "matrimonio" which means marriage in Spanish, but I wanted the verb so I said "matar" which actually means "to kill"!! We were dying laughing at my messed up Spanish for a solid 5 minutes! The joys of learning Spanish!
Yesterday we had an English fast meaning we could only speak Spanish. Every other day we have done this I have ended up in tears by the end of the night because its really draining emotionally, mentally and physically. But yesterday I felt like I could actually express most of what I wanted to say in Spanish! I am constantly amazed at how the Lord helps us learn so quickly here!

Also, I leave on Monday or Tuesday to go to Iquitos! I thought about what it would be like if I went home right after the MTC experience...would i be the same person or would I be changed? I would say no. The MTC has taught me how to make and accomplish goals and trust in the Lord in everything! But I know there is so much the Lord wants me to do in Iquitos!!!! And I seriously cant wait!! I am still nervous because I don't know the language very well, but I know the Lord will help me because it isnt my work, its His.
My testimony of the Savior has grown so much here! In the quiet moments after a devotional or after a lesson, I have felt the spirit testify that this is His true church on the earth. I know it and I cannot deny it.
I love you all SO MUCH and love hearing from all of you!
Don´t grow up too fast! And Keep Smiling!!!! :D
Hermana Briggs

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