Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Week 15 - French toast & Protection

November 23, 2015


So some little tender Mercies this week!
Figured out how to make French toast & syrup!
We figured out we can make french toast...so we did :) and tortillas...those ones didn't quite turn out the same the first time. I used my great college skills to make syrup to go with our french toast! Thanks 211 :) Some times just little things from home make a difference.

We have a new family this week that really has just been a joy to teach so far because they have fulfilled all their commitments besides coming to church...which I guess is a problem but we´re going to work on that. 

Really cool experience, it was small but powerful. We were looking for someone to visit because our Plan A and Plan B fell through and I thought of this guy who seemed cool that lived close that we contacted a few days earlier. We started walking to his house and I got the most distinct impression that we shouldn't go. Actually parts of the movie Saratov Approach that we had watched the pday earlier in the week as a zone came  to my head. What was even cooler was that almost at the same time Hermana Willes and I stopped in our tracks and both said, we can't go there...I don't know why, but I am so glad the Lord watches out for His missionaries!

We had a lesson with a recent convert who is 15 years of age and reminds me a lot of Gable :) Well we could tell he wasn't super excited for our lesson and so Hermana Willes and I decided we were going to make it fun. We were teaching Articles of Faith, so we decided we would sing some of them from the Children's Songbook. Haha! Well, the words don't exactly match up in Spanish and we ended up kind of just making ourselves seem silly...but I don't think he will ever forget the 13 articles of faith!

Also we found the power of working with the members! We visited a member in the ward one night and found out she had a whole family of menos activos (less actives) for us to teach and gave us 3 other references and then offered to have a family home evening with them tonight!!! There are some people who are so prepared for the missionary work, not just investigators! 

I learned the importance of making our own decisions this week too. We choose every day what kind of day we are going to have because we are THE ONLY things we can control in this life! And when we choose to be happy, life really is just so much better! 

My scripture to leave with you this week is Matthew 7:20-21....never forget who your faith is in!

Hermana Briggs

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