Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Week 16 - Earthquakes & Dreams

November 30, 2015

This pic is one of a recent convert that is leaving to Lima
 and her mom!!! I absolutely love her and am going to
 miss her so much!!!

I look forward to reading your letters every week!!

You asked about how to teach girls modesty...well that's something we deal with every day, but not really something we teach yet cause women just nurse openly in front of you and people hardly wear any clothes because its so hot! But I would ask them what kind of man they want to marry...because the only ones worth having are ones that want you to be modest. It is a sign of respect not only for you but others around you and your heavenly father. 

I'm also glad you had fun with thanksgiving and putting up the Christmas decorations.

Well this week I feel like a million and one things happened!
We started off Tuesday with an earthquake and everyone was super scared...we were the closest city to this 7.3 earthquake!! And I understand why they would be so scared cause there would be nothing left if there was actually a big one. 

We taught a father of a super active strong family yesterday, but the dad isn't a member. The missionaries have been trying to teach him for years but he wouldnt' have anything to do with the elders :) He has started to warm up to us and last night really showed a lot of interest! He actually committed to reading the book of mormon and he willingly said the prayer at the end!!!! He only lets us come on Sundays but were going to try to slowly sneak other lessons in there because we are teaching his convert son right now. It is amazing to see how with the help of God we can do exactly his will for us and his children because it has been SO hard to teach him.

So i learned how to cut hair this week...my companions and one of the other sisters...and it actually looks good! So gable dont be scared to let me cut your hair okay???

Also. I interpreted a recent converts dream the other day...EVERYONE has dreams here or wants an answer through a dream..she was running in a white dress and had to pay to get into a building with other people...and I likened it to an urgency to get to the temple and paying tithing as part of it. It was like a lightbulb went off in her head!!! And now she has a desire to pay tithing! So if dream interpreting gets people to pay their tithing I'll keep doing it like Joseph of Egypt!!!

Also diligencia (dilligence) is what my Ponderize scripture is on this week!! Deuteronomy 4:9 If we are diligent in all things and do our part first the Lord is bound to help us!

I love you all so much!! Send me pics of christmas!!!

Also if you would like to bear a short testimony that i could use about church attendance and the importance of it...that would help so much!!! Thanks!

Hermana Briggs

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