Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 21 - New Years, Atonement, & So Many at Church!

January 4th, 2016

Grass & clothes doll they light on fire on New Year's Eve to
symbolize a new beginning and moving on from the past!
Oh, I'm so glad you all enjoyed Washington! It's amazing to see the little tender mercies every day in our lives.

But speaking of Tender Mercies, I had a lot this week!! 

It started at the beginning of the week with our district meeting! Our new zone leader is absolutely incredible and so full of the spirit. He helped us understand the Atonement a little bit better and how to explain in more simply to the people here. Really, it is that Jesus Christ suffered for our sins to cover the pillar of pecado (sin) and he died on the cross so we could overcome spiritual death...I've probably had that explained to me a million times over but it really clicked this time! 

On the 1st of January everyone was drunk, so we had to be home early the night before and the next morning it seemed like the world was dead! We started looking for an antiguo (old) investigator we had and ended up finding another woman who is absolutely incredible! She is a single mom with 2 little girls and SHE CAME TO CHURCH!! She already seems like a member and the members were so good at helping her feel welcome. I am super excited to help her come unto Christ! 

We have been helping a less active who really has such a willing heart to come back to church and has been reading her scriptures and praying every day because she can feel the difference. She also is a single mom, but is super duper strong and has support from her mom to keep going which is awesome! 

Super sweet story, There is a hermana (sister) that always goes with us to visit people and we stopped by her house one day to see if she could go with us and she told us she had been so worried because she had lost her phone and was worried that we wouldn't be able to get a hold of her to go with us! That was her only concern about losing her phone!! It is so cool to see the pure hearts of people here. 

Also, yesterday, en la iglesia (church) we had 3 investigators, 5 menos activos (less actives) and 5 recent converts come to church!!! We were running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to help everyone! But it was so good to see how these people are progressing!!! 

Also, for New Years everyone makes these dolls out of clothes and grass and then when it hits midnight they light them all on fire!!! Crazy! I didn't see it cause I was sleeping but there were a bunch of black spots on the road the next morning. I think it signifies a new beginning and that they are moving on from the past.

Ya, that was my week in a nutshell! I know that many times life is just hard, and there aren't really any other words for it. But I know that it is so much better when we have the Lord on our side. Not all on the mission is happy and perfect, there are lots of trials, but I'm understanding more that we need these things to help us see what really matters. And to remember that there is someone who knows exactly what we feel. 2 Nefi 9:20-21
I love you all so incredibly much!

Hna Briggs

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