Monday, January 25, 2016

Week 24 - The gospel is for all & bad restroom breaks!

January 25, 2016
This huge family is a menos activo family that was rescued this week!
 They are progressing so much and really can see the difference when
 the started to live the gospel again. 

I'm so glad you are all still enjoying the beautiful snow! I am still trying to enjoy the has been so hot lately, I've been sweating still with the fan on full blast! I still don't know how it can be so hot! 

This week has been crazy! We had a baptism of a joven de 18 años (18 yr old girl)...and I absolutely just love her! She didn't really seem like she had a desire do learn at the beginning but after a few weeks she started to read the Book of Mormon and pray. Some people can't read very well here or can't read at all, and I think that was a barrier for her at the beginning. But I really could feel the joy of seeing her come into the gospel! Now we just have to work with her parents :) 

Funny story, so my companion had to go to the bathroom and we contacted this house and she asked if she could use their bathroom....well, this bathroom wasn't the greatest and I was trying to hold the curtain closed for her, and then felt something sticky on my foot....I had stepped in poop!! And my shoes have holes on the sides of them! To say the least, they still smell after cleaning them and bleaching them! It was good to put a smile on my face! 

Us at a recent baptism.
We are teaching M and R, which I think I talked about last week...R would be baptized tomorrow if we told her she could be, but the wonderful thing about this gospel is that it focuses on families, and so we are trying to help her husband, too, and the great thing is, is that he is progressing too! Just a little bit slower. But I really believe that the gospel can bless the lives of everyone. It is not just for a few people in this world, it is the plan for all of us to return to live with our Heavenly Father. 

The last one is of a recent convert family that
 is struggling, but, oh, how I love them :)
I know this work is the work of the Lord. Sometimes it is hard, but life wasn't meant to be easy. But it was meant to be enjoyed and to help us learn. I have seen that time and time again in the mission. One day this week I really was just struggling and my sister leader showed up at our apartment by surprise! It was just what I needed in the moment. God is so mindful of us and will never leave us alone. 

I want to leave you with Alma 37:33 today...I know that God will always give us the strength we need if we are willing to just follow him. 
H* and her two little girls, we are teaching.
I love you all so incredibly much! I want to write buckets more but ya know...always short on time...!!

Love, Hermana Briggs

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