Monday, March 14, 2016

Week 31 - 17 Milagros (Miracles) Peru Style!

March 14, 2016


My new companion, going in for a root canal!
I think I could name this email 17 milagros…or more like 1000 milagros! Really, we have seen the hand of the Lord so much in this week!

It started Monday when we were standing in the door of an investigato, making an appointment and a guy jumped from around the corner and ripped the bag off my companion and took off running…we had just been robbed!!! We just stood there in shock because every important document we had, the cell phone, her equivalent of social security card, all her money and the USB that had all her pics of her mission on it. Everyone in the length of 2 blocks took off running and screaming down the street after him like Lamanites J We started asking people where he went and it so happened that someone had tackled him and grabbed the bag and brought it back in a motokar. We were really just in shock that the Lord had been so merciful to help us stay safe and also to be able to continue with the work.

Also, Dany was baptized on Saturday! It really shouldn’t have happened but it worked! First, there wasn’t transportation to get there because there is thing called Paro right now in Pucallpa, where the people go on strike from working until the bills for water and electricity go down, but they go to the extreme to do it. So there are blockades in every intersection with nails to spike all the tires of the motokars, so there wasn’t a way to get him there because he is paralyized on one half of his body. He also was sick, and his mom was, too. The members of the ward decided they would walk the long distance to the chapel and Dany's brother came to fix their motokar.  All in all everyone made it to the chapel, even though it literally seemed impossible. My companion and I were in the dentist for a root canal for her the hour before the baptism was supposed to start. Really everything was against us, but I can testify so powerfully of the power of God. I had no idea how Dany was going to get better, or how he was going to get to the chapel, but I felt so sure about continuing that we did. And now he is the newest member of this church in our ward! He is so converted and the baptism was the most beautiful one I have seen here, although he had to be put under water 3 times J

So we have been walking a lot; everywhere, actually, because there aren’t motokars anywhere, but the Lord has blessed us so much to be safe and to have the guidance of the spirit.

And I also received my new companion this week, Hermana Alberto!!!!! She is from Cerro de Pasco, in the cold mountains of Peru, so the heat was a shock for her, too. But she has such an incredible testimony and knows the scritpures better than anyone I know! She had to have a root canal on Saturday and has been suffering from pain for a week, but she's so strong and really was crying when she couldn’t go out to work yesterday. I am so grateful for her example!

I want to share Helaman 5:12 this week because it has given me so much strength! As long as we trust in the Lord and build our faith in Him, Satan can try as hard as he can to knock us down, but guess what?? He just can´t J

I am so grateful to be a missionary through the craziness and all and know that the hand of the Lord is in our lives every day!

Love you more than words can tell!

Your Hermana Briggs

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