Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Week 30 - Divisions & Reactivation

March 7, 2016

This is of one of our rescued members
 who completed 15 años! We had to pass by to
 pick up some food so we got to take a pic with
 this beautiful girl! It is amazing to see how she
has progressed!
Sounds like another crazy week at the Briggs house!

This week is the end of my 4th change! I have absolutely loved being in the Vista Alegre Ward for the last 6 months. It really is such a great ward and I have had the privilege to get to know almost all of the members, having worked in both areas of the ward. And hopefully I get to be here a little bit longer :)

This week 2 of the families that we have been working with for 2 changes have been rescued!! Really when we started our time here, these were the 2 families I didn't think had very much hope of being reactivated. They were both really disanimated (dont know the word in english ;) and didnt have any desire to come back. But I can testify that the spirit changes lives. It was when they started doing the little things, like praying every day as a family and reading their scriptures together, that things started to change. 

This one is of
 us in el Parque Natural! last p day. Really
 like a safe jungle that you can go and visit
 with all the animals in cages, but the nature
 around you is actually real! Man the
 jungle is so beautiful! 
We did divisions this week and my companion left me to do all the hard appointments. I was super nervous because I haven't been without a missionary companion for a long time, so I gave a little prayer and went to work with the member. I was amazed to see how the Lord really was able to work through me and help me when things didn't go right...they never go perfectly :) Prayer is so real and I know that if we ever need help, he is always there to help.

Sorry it wasnt very long, the keyboard is giving me a fit :) 

But I love you all so much, think about you and pray for you daily. I wanted to share D&C 11:12-13 with you all...and to remember if you put your faith in the spirit, he will illuminate your mind and help you through all you need. 

Keep smiling brightly!
Hermana Briggs
The last is of a recent convert family that we have been
with lately. They are really just amazing!
 I got to feel the
 power odoing family history with
 them and it was so cool to see 
their excitement
 grow for the work too!

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