Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 32 - The Lord ALWAYS makes up the rest!

March 21, 2016

Bonita familia!!!
Esta semana, que puedo decir, mas milagros!!! (This week, I can say, more miracles!)  Haha! Okay, I actually really started writing in Spanish without thinking about it!!! Oh boy, ya, that's the point I'm getting to!

These are some of the kids I gave bracelets to that
 grandma sent me...they are now my best friends :)
Yesterday we decided that we were going to try to keep the sabbath day holy in every way that we could, which included not paying the motokars to take us to church. Our church is 30 minutes away walking, so we decided to do that. On the way back we were running late and I also had a feeling we needed to contact someone which made us even later. I said a little prayer saying, "Please help us make it back on time, there really isn't anyway possible, but we are doing all we can." A couple blocks later a motokar pulled up and said he would take us for free!!!!! I was in shock! And guess what? We arrived exactly on time back home. Really that should have not happened because we were still in paro (everyone is on strike) yesterday and gas is super expensive. Everyone has been charging us double, so for free was crazy!! But really I know it is because we were trying to do our part, and the Lord ALWAYS makes up the rest. 

Also, we were in the dentist a lot this week trying to finish my companions root canal...ouch! It isn't fun in the US and less fun here. I had to laugh watching the dentist reading the x-ray in the bathroom light and sending someone to buy tissue paper when my companion asked for some. 

Me and Hna Alberto doing service for Hna Juanita....
taking down millions of spiderwebs with brooms!!!
Hermana Alberto is such an incredible example to me! She has such a huge desire to do what's right in the Lord's way. We were teaching a first time lesson this week and the Hermana had so many questions about really where we came from and what our purpose is. I really was just so excited that we could help her understand really her purpose in life!! And the light in her eyes changed when she understood.  

Well, this is mas o menos  (more or less) my week! Sorry it's so crazy and confusing. But I just wanted to share the favorite scripture of our newest convert. It's in Moroni 7:12. He now quotes it almost every lesson :) Everything that is good comes from God, and all that is bad from el diablo (the devil). Really if we are focused on the good in life and following our Savior, we cant falter. Look for the good in everything this week and I promise you will find it!

Love you tons!!! Keep smiling brightly!
Hermana Briggs

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