Monday, April 11, 2016

Week 35 - I Want to Stay Forever!

April 11, 2016


The investigators in our area that are going to be baptized
 but have to finish some paperwork...they are just incredible!
I think I finally understood this week why missionaries say they never want to come home! Cause the mission really is the best! You get to focus 100% on the work of the Lord and don't have to worry about anything else. I'm finally realizing how great that is....and now I'm saying, too, I just want to stay here forever :) but don't worry I'll come back eventually.

SO, this week my sweet companion got super sick and was stuck in bed for 2 days! She's still recovering from it...but slowly getting better. But because of it I worked a lot with the members in our ward so we could still visit the people in our area. I think it was the first time i realized i wasnt scared to do it on my own...i could teach the people easily and realized i know spanish and could be so guided by the spirit. I learned a lot from having to work a little bit by myself this week...but it wasnt by myself because i had the Lord helping us every step of the way. 

They had elections here in Peru yesterday, so church was canceled in all of Peru so people would vote...ya, I realized how much I love going to church! But, we got to teach D* during that time...our new convert. He is dying from a disease that there is medicine for but the medicine won't come until the end of the month...and at the rate he is declining he might not be here in 18 days. We are praying and fasting with all our might. I know the strength that comes through mighty fasting and prayer, as Alma says. Because it's like knocking on the doors of heaven.  Of course, God has a plan and we always want his will to be done. Keep him in your prayers. 

Also, I got to work with Sister Gillingham while my comp was sick because hers was, too. We were in the CCM together and it is so cool to see how much she has progressed and really made the Lord the center of her life. 

Sis. Alberto and her "suero" to
 "keep her from dying" :)
Enos 1:4 hit me hard this the scripture says "penetro mi corazon." Sorry I don't remember what it says in English. But, I was thinking about what things we are letting hit our heart to change us. We have to reflect on what we have learned. Don't forget to keep reflecting on conference! 

I love you all so much! Keep smiling brightly!

Hermana Briggs

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