Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Week 36 - Bendiciones! (Blessings)

April 18, 2016

Loca familia!

It's so great to hear you're all doing so great!

This week I wanted to do a list of things I am grateful for in the mission:

1. For my pensionista, Hermana B*, who is always worried I'm not fattening up enough and makes sure I have a hat to work in while in the sun. She tells me when my shirt is dirty and I need to change it and when my skirt is out of place. She takes us in her motokar to the stake center so we don't have to pay a taxi and she gives the best hugs on the planet! Not to mention that she is always laughing :)

2. For D* our most recent convert, who has a disease that is slowly killing him. He keeps smiling even though now he can't walk. He can't kneel to say his prayers now, but really prays without ceasing. His testimony is so firm and his desire to help others strengthens me.
D*, our newest member!

3. For the the second counselor in our stake presidency who is a lawyer and went with us to our visit with M y R to help them finish their divorce stuff. He is such a great example of moving forward and focusing on the important things...especially his family. It is evident in who he is. 

4. For the spirit. I have felt the difference this week as I have tried to be the instrument and not the person using the instrument. I learn things from things that I say, because it isn't me really saying them. The spirit is real. And it is so powerful.

5. For referals! We have been trying to ask everyone for referrals and we have so many we can't contact them all, but we have found some golden families from referrals of referrals and so on. These families are so prepared and they recognize that the Lord is trying to help them through us. 

6. For my amazing mother who had her birthday this last week! She is always so willing to help me and those around her with whatever they need  before her own needs. I don't know if I'll ever be able to live up to her example, but I love her so much!

7. And lastly, I'm grateful for my Savior who never gives up on me even when I feel like giving up on myself. It is never too late. There is NOTHING that He already hasn't covered. I know without Him I am nothing and am trying to have more faith in his plan for me and for his children on this earth. Alma 7:11-12

Keep smiling brightly y'all and thanks for your questions! I love hearing about everything!

Hermana Briggs
Sis. Alberto with a chirimoya fruit. Some characterize the fruit flavor as a blend of bananapineapplepapayapeach, and strawberry. Mark Twain believed it was "the most delicious fruit know to man"! We call it the "heavenly delicious fruit"!

Answers to questions:
On p-days we play soccer or watch movies. All the sight seeing places here you have to use a boat to get to so until I leave Pucallpa, I don't really get to see a whole lot. 

They do have what they call parque natural which is like the zoo with animals in cages from different parts of Peru and the scenery is beautiful! The majority all natural!

I absolutely love my companion Hermana Alberto. She is a nurse and literally has saved me from getting more sick. She is so happy all the time and so willing to do what she needs to for the Lord. She's from Cerro de Pasco, Peru, but it's super duper cold there - like it's cold all the time!

I really have no idea how many people live here...but a lot!

My favorite thing to eat here is probably tallarin verde con bisteak....and my pensionista makes mashed potatoes!!! I thought it was a joke but, oh man, they are so good!
Going to try this: https://cookpad.com/us/recipes/368169-tallarines-verdes-con-bistec-green-spaghetti-with-steak

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