Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Week 34 - General Conference, April Fools, & God Answers Prayers!

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April 4, 2016

Oh Bonita Familia!
Wow, what a great week :) Glad you are all happy and I just about fell over when I saw the picture of Gable at prom!!!! LIKE WHAT????!? But I was consoled when I saw him with Miriam :) Be sure to take care of each other!

This week was a week with lots and lots of meetings...but I was so edified and uplifted I wouldn't have changed it....just that we had limited time to teach people which was a bummer. 

But we found a new family through a member this week and it has already been so cool to see their progress. The husband didn't want to talk with us the first day.  The second time we caught him and more or less made him listen to us, and yesterday he finally said the closing prayer for us!!! Really, the spirit is real!! And it changes people whether they know they're being changed or not :)

I hope Gable did lots of great April fools jokes, cause I did! We pulled a joke on my district leader that we had lost the keys to our apartment which is impossible to break into if you don't have the keys. We got him all flustered up into calling the zone leaders and then we left him with saying "Happy April Fools Day!" And then it was a little i

ronic when there was a talk given by an apostle about loosing the car keys. It changed my vision a little on that experience. 

Another crazy experience happened this week with keeping the sabbath day holy. We decided to walk to the stake center (1 hr away walking) because we had decided at the beginning of the change we weren't going to pay for motos on Sunday. We walked there in perfect time, but on the way home, we were running behind. I said a silent prayer to help us find a way to get home faster. We tried asking a moto if we could trade the ride for a Book of Mormon, but he said his kids ate money, not books :) So we kept walking. We reached a point where we found a motokar waiting for us and asked him if we could trade the ride for our Book of Mormon. And he accepted!!!! Really I felt like I had been hit with a bucketfull of the spirit. GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS!!! Even the little silent prayers we make. BUT, we must be doing all we possibly can to follow his commandments. That was what I loved most about conference too...learning how to pray ALWAYS!

This week I found a scripture in 1 John 4:7,18 (really the whole chapter) that talks about how love comes from God and casteth out ALL fear. If we are just trying to love those around us, God, and ourselves, we will have no need to fear and we can have a perfect trust in him. 

Keep smiling and trusting in the Lord!  I love you all so much!

Love ya!
Hermana Briggs

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