Monday, April 25, 2016

Week 37 - The Little Things & Intestinal Infections

April 25, 2016

Oh I just love you all so much!!! Sounds like you all had a wonderful week!!! I love all your little missionary moments. We watched a mormon message the other day about a young man who before his mission had already brought 16 people into the church because he just wanted to help them have a better life! and he knew where to find it, in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He wasn't afraid to open his mouth. I got to thinking, how cool it would be if each person just wasn't afraid to open their mouth!? How many people would be brought into the church? And just brought into happiness? 

We had changes last week.....and I am still in PUCALLPA!!! and still in the same ward VISTA ALEGRE! I'm going to pass the halfway mark in my mission all in this ward. It is really like my home ward now and I absolutely love working with all the members and converts. I got to know some of them a little bit better this week because I got sick with an intestinal infection, really just like a flu. But it meant I couldn't work all of Saturday and Sunday and I had to stay in the houses of some members so my companion could still go work with other members. One night I mentioned that I liked her wardrobe and the hermana I was staying with proceeded to open up her entire wardrobe and show me every little thing that was in it! I love learning about the lives of the people here. She is so sweet! When I woke up later that night dripping from sweat, it was because she had so sweetly put a blanket on me :) And its incredible to see how missionary work can just happen from experiences like that. We ended up with 3 new people to teach from me staying at members houses sick :) If there is a will there is a way!!!

We had zone conference this week again and one of the things I loved that we talked about was the little things we do in life. There are so many thing we do from making the bed in the morning to following a rule to write in our journal at night as missionaries. Our mission handbook is the smallest of all of the books we have, but it is the one that can help keep us happy. Obedience is directly linked to happiness and success, maybe not in the way we are thinking, but Gods ways are not our ways, and I'm convinced by now Gods ways are better. We don't need big things to change the world, we need lots of little things Alma 37:6-7

I know that this is true! I know that if we focus on the little things that God will lead us to much greater things!
Keep smiling brightly all of you! Never forget how much I love you!
Hermana Briggs

Sorry there aren't pics..I didnt realize my camera was dead!

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