Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Week 44 - Love being in Iquitos & 15 yr. Olds!

June 13, 2016

Hello Family!!
Wow what a busy but amazing week you all have had! It always seems to be greater when we are focusing on the little things in life.
Sis. Gonzalez, Sis. Willes and me together again!
So our super awesome ward mission leader continues to be awesome! One day this week he was with us to visit a recent convert who is struggling and told me "You look like your mom dont you"....i was kind of taken back and told him i was the spitin image of my mom :) And im happy to be so! Its actually funny when ill make a face or hand gesture and then realize that mom does the exact same thing. 
We have met lots of really cool people this week. One experience was when we felt like we should stop and visit a less active. We have been trying to get to her 15 year old son too who hasnt wanted anything to do with us or the gospel..but we´re slowly working on him. The 15yr old kids friends showed up during the lesson but he wasnt home....we asked them if they wanted to join in on the lesson with us and they said yes, which is super weird because 15 year old kids never want to talk to us especially about religion :) We had a lesson with them and they accepted everything we talked about and at the end the 15 yr old menos activo walked in and said the closing prayer which is a huge step! Hopefully this week we can help the 15yr old friends! Im super excited!

So our mission president is ending his mission! He was the mission president who opened this mission so it was a really special thing to have everyone gathered together...all of the less actives and recent converts in the last 3 years along with all the missionaries in Iquitos: and it was really special to be able to see all of the missionaries that i havent seen for 9 months. I didnt realize how tight of a bond you have with the missionaries you serve wtih. I think its because of that: SERVICE. When you serve with someone or for someone your connection is so much tighter becuase you are helping Gods children together.

My companion is Hermana Vazquez from Arizona and we actually met in the CCM and went to Pucallpa together. Whats even more crazy is the 1st night in my mission together we stayed in an apartment with some other hermanas and now we are back in the same ward we stayed in that first night together! That first day we ate in our bishops house! And i just put this all together. But she really is such an amazing companion and it has been interesting to get to talk in english a little bit more. Its actually improving my ability to speak in spanish if you can believe it cause now english or spanish goes. But the climate it a little different...its more humid so you sweat more but the sun doesnt kill you as much which is good. 

I am loving everything here and wish i had more time to say everything i wanted to! But id like you all to read Mosiah 3:5-9 this week. It talks about the atonement of Jesus Christ and really what he did for us. If he did that much for you what can you give to #Him?
Love you all so much!
Hermana Briggs

Happy Fathers day dad! I love you so much and want to thank you for supporting me so much here. It means way more than i think you will ever know. 

Also i got to see Hna Willes, My mom who trained me this week for the 1st time in 6 months!

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