Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Week 42 - Joy and Service

May 30, 2016,
This is a picture from the baptism of J*.

Hello yall! So i realized the other day that the spanish i have learned to speak is like Texan english :) So everyone is probably going to make fun of my spanish when i get home!
This week has been another great rollercoaster! The highlight of the week was definitely the BAPTISM of J!!!!! This 12 year old kid is my absolute favorite! He is the son of the family that wants to get baptized so badly but is waiting for some paperwork so they can get married first. We felt that the baptism of J would really help fortify their family. And at first J didnt want to listen to us, but by since we have been concentrating our efforts on him, he has changed completely and his mom has told us of the change she is seeing in him too. He cracks me up every lesson! This week he asked if he could make copies of us so we wouldnt have to leave :) I absolutely love their family! If this family was the 1 reason i came on a mission, i would be happy. 

With one of the greatest experiences i had in my mission also accompanied one of the saddest. We went to teach the reference of the member that i taught when i got sick and when we arrived i realized her husband was there, who hadnt recieved us very nicely the time before. But we went forward with the lesson until her husband realized we were there. He walked up to us and told us to get out. He used words so forceful, but i didnt feel worried for me, but more for the woman we were teaching. She told us after that her husband is the reason why she has never been able to join a church. But we have faith that the Lord will help us with her. And we keep praying that somehow we will be able to teach her. 
The two 15 yr olds we are teaching.
We also were able to rescue these 2 young men that you see in this picture. They are super duper awesome and weve been working with them for a while! It was a complete miracle because they were supposed to recieve the priesthood and bless the sacrament before sunday ended, so they recieved it before church and we called someone to bring 2 white shirts and ties and all within an hour they were blessing the sacrament! Oh so cool!

Our mission president is ending his mission and i had the opportunity to have an interview with him on thursday. I asked him what blessings he had seen in his life from serving a mission, and he was a little surprised because it was the 1st time he had shared his testimony about his mission. Really the mission is the one time you are able to give 100% of your efforts to the Lord. And you can feel the Christlike attributes develop, not easily, but everything is more clear. 

Hermana Alberto's birthday!
I love you all! Shout out to my wonderful father who will have his birthday this week! Keep smiling so brightly and always remember Jacob 6:12 which says "oh be wise; what more can i say." God trusts us to use our agency to bless the lives of others. I love you all so incredibly much and have a fabulous week!
Hermana Briggs

Oh ya and we celebrated Hna Albertos birthday yesterday! I absolutely love her!

And transfers are tonight so ill let you know next week

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