Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Week 58 - Family History & It's Mango Season!

September 19, 206

Man love your emails! They always make me smile. I'm so glad to hear youre all doing well!

This week my companion and i have had some really cool experiences with Family History. We are in charge of family history for the mission, but with the change in presidents and everything we have no idea what to do or how to do it. We have been praying and had a meeting with the Assistants and the FH leader in the mission last week. Yesterday we decided to plan for family history and had an amazing experience. I am slowly understanding why it is so important...its not just important, its essential! If our family history is done or not! It is THE ONLY WAY we can live with God again. We have to help them and everyone, because we are all part of Gods family. We now have direction to help the mission progress, because without the Temple, what is the point of being baptized?

I invite you all to look into your family history. Every family has a story! Whats yours?

The first picture.....well lets just say im super excited its mango season again!!!

Also we are preparing to have a baptism this week! For S., that I have talked about a little before. Could you pray for him? He is incredible but we all need a little praying
The next  picture is of M....she now has a baptism date and she finally came to church this week! I traded her daughter  a banana to go to primary:) I love little kids!

The next is of two youth that want to get baptized!

Love you all so so much!!!
Keep smiling brightly!!
Hermana Briggs

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