Sunday, September 4, 2016

Week 55 - Repentance & Whito!

August 29, 2016

It's always so good to see good old friends...that's how i feel it is in the mission tool. When you see old companions or other people you have met before...God lets us have those bonds for a reason and that is what makes life beautiful! 

This week our trio was broken up :( I never thought i would say that i love trios, but our trio was probably just really special. Here's the pic of our last moment together :)

This week the only new sister missionary that came in, Hermana Ch., got to stay with us because we already had 3 beds in our apartment from our trio. She is such a prepared missionary and is so ready for whatever will come ahead of her. She is from Lima and had brought a ton of sweaters which we made her leave in her bag in's not Kansas(or Lima) anymore :) But the night that she was working with us, literally all of our appointments fell through. We decided to say a prayer and then asked Hermana Ch. where she thought we should go. She pointed in a direction and we started walking. We ran into a member that i scarcely recognized and my companion Hermana C. straight up asked him, "Do you know anyone we could teach?" Well turns out he does!!! And he gave us a reference of someone who rents a room in his house that we are visiting tomorrow! As we contacted after that, i felt it was such a privilege to hear Hermana Ch.'s testimony which was so pure and true. This is us at the airport sending her to Pucallpa!

We also tried another really weird food this's the first one that i really just wanted to throw up after eating it, but the member that gave it to us stared us down while we were eating it so i felt we didn't really have a choice. It's called's a fruit that is supposed to be good for when you have a sore throat. Yup that definitely was THE WORST thing i have eaten on my mission so far. 

Also we were teaching a lesson to a less active this week and her son called her from the other room during the lesson...she told him to wait and at the end of the lesson this is where we found him! He was so tired he couldn't even make it to his mom to put him to bed! I laughed as i remembered how many times that happened to my younger brothers and sisters :) 

Another time this week we had appointments fall again, we were with a member and we decided to say a prayer again to know where we should go. We went to another woman whom we had contacted a few days before and she received us even though she was making dinner, which never happens here! Usually if people are busy they tell us that and shut the door. She had tons of questions about the correct age of baptism which we were able to answer with the Book of Mormon. It was so cool to see how she started to validate the Book of Mormon as she saw how it supported the Bible and clarified things we couldn't find there! She wants to continue receiving us, now we just have to find her husband. But one of her daughters friends asked us if there was an end to the world. The woman we were teaching stopped and answered before we could and said "I think the end of the world is when you die, because that's the end of your world" Haha it made me laugh.

I want to invite you all to read Alma 24. I was reading it this morning and i realized it has the step by step way that the Anti-Nephi-Lehis repented. Their repentance was a process, but it started with a desire to change. I have seen that so clear in my life and the lives of the people we teach. If you don't have a desire to change, there is no way possible that it can happen, but i also know that it is always worth it. You begin to feel the love and peace that comes through our savior Jesus Christ. I love him with all my heart and am so grateful i am able to be His representative. I love you all and hope you have another amazing week! Make it amazing wherever you are and never forget to be grateful for all the good and bad...We found a reason to be grateful for the sun! It means we don't have to weigh our bags down with heavy clothes and it makes the world happier!
Love you all!
Hermana Briggs

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