Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Week 56 - Faith of King Lamoni & War on Heat!

September 5th, 2016


Our littlest investigator (or daughter of )!

So this week was nothing short of so many miracles! I cant even begin to count them! The one that shouts out most loud, though, is about a friend of a less active that I will call S. He came to church last week with his friend K., but then went to his farm so we almost forgot about him until K. came to accompany us to a lesson that fell through. She told us S. had come back because he fell in a hole and was super beat up. So we went to teach him Friday night....he reminds me of King Lamoni (Alma 17-19) who accepted everything that Ammon said and prayed with all his heart to know if it was true and was also willing to do anything to come unto Christ. Saturday we went back and he accepted a baptism date and has fulfilled his commitments better than anyone I have ever seen! When we gave him a Book of Mormon, with almost tears in his eyes he said, "You are going to give this to me?" Well, he barely can stand up let alone walk because he is hurt so bad, but he was determined to come to church on Sunday and with some help from the members he came!!!! I have never seen anyone so determined to come into the gospel. So, that was a super amazing highlight to our week! I know that God is blessing us because we are trying to become more converted unto Him. It's in all the little things we do that show God our commitment to follow Him. 2 Nephi 28:30

Us with a less active we love!
Also 2 kids of a family whose dad is the only member just got permission from their mom to be baptized this week!!! They have been coming to church for 4 years!!!! And they hopefully are going to be baptized at the same time as S. 

We have seen a lot of struggles in our ward lately...one of which is a less active that started coming back to church and then had a stroke and then a week later another one. The pic is us with him. We went and visited him and he just sat and cried as we sang to him. I know the Gospel brings so much comfort to those who need it. 
There is a show here that everyone watches called "Eso es Guerra"..(this is war).a really pointless show about watching people doing dumb things in competition.  But my companion and I took this picture with our fans that we use so we don't die of heat...because this is war against the heat!!! 
A member coming to teach lessons with us.

I just want to leave you with my testimony that I know with all my heart that this church is true. God's work continues, and it will continue more as we keep giving more to our Savior...more of us.

Keep smiling and I plead with you after being in family history...write in your journal...your posterity and you will love you!

Next to the drying Amazon (inlet).
Con amor,
Hermana Briggs

Us with Sis. G. for the day.
Eso es Guerra! (This is war-against heat)

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