Monday, February 8, 2016

Week 26- I've been here 6 months!

February 8, 2016


Able and me while we were still friends :) He is so adorable!
Oh, your crazy weeks!! I love to hear about all of it! I hit my 6 month mark this week and it's the craziest thing to think that 1/3 of my mission is gone!!

Well, this week was full of surprises like always!
Sounds like dad and I caught the same bug from other sides of the planet, cause I got sick this week too. Much less fun to be sick when you already are sweating all the time, but God was merciful and brought rain while I was sick. And our pensionista and her husband took us around in their motokar that night so I didn't have to walk around. My pensionista did everything she possibly could to make sure I got better and I'm almost all better so whatever she did it worked :) But it really made me reflect on my dedication as a missionary to try to do all you can all the time to share the gospel because its so much harder when your sick. 

Funny thing that happened because I got sick was that during a lesson when  Hermana Mucha was inviting our investigator to be baptized, I sneezed the funniest sneeze possible, and my companion couldn't help but from laughing :) She didn't accept but she accepted to pray about it and is one of our investigators that I feel already knows its true. She goes to church and reads and prays, but is just scared to take the step to baptism. It has to be her decision, though. 
Some of our convert kids playing!

Another thing I decided to do this week was to try not to be afraid to open my mouth and talk to people. And it proved helpful because we found a number of people to teach. Faith and fear can never abide in the same place, and if our trust really is in God, He will help us aun cuando tenemos debilidades (even if we have weaknesses)

Our family R and M are progressing so much! They didn't come to church last week and when we went to visit them they hadn't been reading or praying consistently. We helped them realize that they weren't doing these things because they didn't go to church and receive the strength they needed for the rest of the week. Since that day they have been so much more committed to reading and they came to church! The only thing is that M has to do divorcement papers from his other marriage to get married to his wife they are progressing and would be baptized this week if they could! So cool to help them progress!

We had to drop an investigator this week which is always hard because you can feel they are rejecting the truth even after they have tasted it. We left a little discouraged but then ran into our converts all playing together and we remembered the joy the gospel brings for those who are willing to continue firm. and this pic is of them! 

 2 Nephi 32:8-9 Oran siempre y no desmayar y (pray always and faint not and) God will always always bless you with His spirit. 
Keep smiling Brightly!!!  I love you all and pray for you always! 

Hna Briggs

And, yes, Jane it is true that the tooth fairy is 116 yrs old and she gets her fairy dust from grinding up the teeth. That's why she can fly!
Keep playin' that guitar Gable! I really want to play it, but never was patient enough to learn.
Miriam, keep your smiling face on :) Its so catchable... sorry I don't speak English anymore.
Mason...swim team is awesome!!!!! You are going to be made of pure muscle by the end!
Anna, don't ever stop speaking Chinese...practice it all you can!

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