Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Week 28 - Love this Work & Learning to Nail up Walls!

February 22, 2016

My pensionista really is the greatest and sometimes I think she worries about us as much as she does she does her kids :) 

Sorry, no pics this week...I forgot my cord!
But, really, this week was amazing! Not perfect, but no one is perfect, but we all are improving, or that's the goal.

First about D. D is a new investigator as of less than 2 weeks ago and has a number of things he is trying to work through personally, but it is absolutely incredible to see his progress! His parents are members and he lives with them because he had paralysis on one side of his body years ago. He didn't have the desire to be baptized with his family but has seen the difference that it has made in their lives and now has the desire to join them! And we have him with a date to be baptized March 12th!!! I really am so excited because already I can see the difference in his life!

Also, I absolutely love the spirit in this work! Yesterday we were trying to visit a less active family that has been progressing, but recently has started to falter and we needed to visit them. The problem was that they live far away in our area and it was raining cats and dogs so we couldn't find a motokar to take us there. We remembered a motokarista that lived close to us and felt like we should go knock on his door and ask him if he could take us. He said he could and within 2 minutes we were on our way there! Then we felt like we should invite him in on the lesson. So we did and really we feel like he felt the spirit. When he took us back to where we live as it was late, he wouldn't let us pay him either! Really, God works miracles when he needs his work to be done. I know of that truth. 

We also were able to help some other less actives in our ward fortify their wall in their house with wood... so hermana Mucha and I learned how to clavar (nail)! And we nailed up a wall! The son of this family is now preparing to serve a mission and has started his papers!!! I'm so excited for him to be able to partake of this wonderful and fortifying mission experience!!!

I love you all so incredibly much!!! I want to leave you with Alma 5:46 this week. If you really want help or need the strength of the Lord, I invite you to fast and pray and God will guide you in your path. I know it!
Love you so much! Keep smiling brightly!!!!!

Your Hermana Briggs

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