Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Week 27 - Falling Through Chairs & Walking Through Rivers!

February 15, 2016

This email arrived a week late, as the email "systems" in Peru weren't working!


This week has been another crazy amazing week in Peru!! So many good little times and also to see the hand of the Lord so abundantly in our lives. I could go on about so many stories! 

Before a service project!
Well at the beginning of the week we had revision de cuartos and interviews with President Gomez, so we cleaned our apartment all nice and they came and visited us in our little apartment! I absolutely love President and i am reminded of dad every time because they are from Mexico. There is a distinct difference between the latino countries that after living here im figuring out. But they are the greatest!!! Hna Gomez told us our chairs weren't usable and sent the zone leaders to buy new ones :) I didn't think twice about it until she said it because in the houses we visit, honestly sometimes we are just happy to have a chair. 

Funny story because there are always funny thing happening here and it has to do with chairs. We were in a lesson and were sitting down in our chairs when the pillow that was hiding the hole in the seat fell through in my companions seat! I told her i would switch her and we quickly switched before the hermano came back, but then i fell through the hole too and my companion and the member that was with us kept laughing during the lesson because i really couldnt move :) Great moments 

But we went to visit a menos activo family this week that wasnt progressing but we felt like we should visit them and its crazy how much they are progressing now! And they gave us a reference of their family members and really are starting to change. I really love working with less actives and sometimes think i could just work with them my entire mission. 

Cool thing happened to the other day when we were looking for an old investigator and ended up finding a less active instead! Shes only 15 years old but has such a love for the gospel and to do what is right and her dream is to be a missionary but its hard as shes the only member in her family. But God knows there is a way for her. 

Also i understand now why Noah built an ark...it rained so hard on Thursday that all the streets turned into raging river and it just so happened to be the time we had to go and eat lunch....so we trudged through the rivers to go eat and were completely drenched by the time we got there! the boots did nothing! Oh how much i love Peru!!! It really is absolutely beautiful here though!!! Especially our area! Really in the Jungle :)

Sorry not anything super crazy or exciting but i wanted to leave you with Alma 26:12. I really am realizing that i cant do anything without the help of God and ya its possible to do some thing without his help, but then its like only having one hand...and life is much easier with 2. I love you all so incredibly much!!! Keep smiling for all the world to see!
Hermana Briggs

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