Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 29-No electricity & Progression

February 29, 2016

Hola Familia!!! 
¡Esta semana ha sido lo máximo otra vez! I am constantly amazed to see the hand of the Lord in our work. 
Wednesday we had a service project planned, but it fell through 30 minutes before we had to we went to our bishops house and found our district leader who decided we were going to district service at a house in his area. While we were walking there we ran into the a convert in my old area that we have been trying to get in contact with for a week! It really was a miracle that we found her and i realized then why we went to do service as a district.

Another crazy finding story. We have been teaching a hermana since January and she knows the gospel is true but still doesn't want to be baptized. Her daughter with 2 kids lives with her and we have been trying to find her husband for weeks! But he is never there. We taught her one day and I felt so strongly as we ended that we needed to find her husband. Well yesterday we were walking and found the 2 of them in their motokar talking on the phone! So we stopped and talked with him and made an appointment to visit them for this week! The Lord answers prayers!

Yesterday there wasnt electricity for the first part of the day...the part of church. So we didnt have electricity, it was pouring rain, some of our members were stranded in Lima from a temple trip that couldnt get back because a disaster that happened on the highway, and it was carnival so the whole city was partying like indians :) And faithfully our 6 investigators who are progressing all came to church!!! I really couldnt believe it because when it rains here people think they cant leave their houses. But really these people are becoming converted to the gospel because they realize that its when you go to church that you really show God that you want to repent!

I had a work visit with my sister leader this week and it really helped me see the things i need to improve on for my area. It also helped me see how much i have progressed! A few months ago it was still really hard for me to teach a lesson, and now it feels like second nature. Spanish almost feels like my first language and i am really learning to love focusing in the investigators because then you can see them progress!! 

I was reading the other day in  D&C 104:11-12 and its says here that we are responsible for what we are given. Never forget to cultivate the portion of the garden you have been given and not hope to water anothers. 

And keep smiling brightly family!
Hermana Rachel Briggs

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