Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Week 54 - Sharing the Gospel Makes us Happy!

Us near the Amazon River!
August 22, 2016


Cleaning the graves at the cemetery.
This week was super duper great! It's so crazy 'cause my "mom" (first companion in the mission) is going home today!!! I can't believe all that time has past! 

So, I tried to do a good deed this week by buying a piece of watermelon for one of our less active members who wasn't doing so good...well, it turns out she got food poisoning from it and I made her sick for 2 days! But good thing is she still loves us :) I felt SO bad! 

We did service in the cemetery this week cleaning the graves, and from this picture I'm sure you can tell that they do it a little bit different here. But it was super cool to talk to people about the gospel as we cleaned! 

One of our cute less actives we are teaching.
We had practiced with a family this week about sharing the gospel, and the next day we were at the church for a meeting and their little girl ran up to us and said "I shared the gospel with my friend! When she said we didn't believe in God, I told her the 1st article of faith!" My heart just about fell apart to see how happy she was to share the gospel! 

This week we passed by a house and I felt the impression to stop so we did. I tripped over my words as i tried to relate crocheting into the gospel, but obviously she felt something and let us in. After the opening prayer she told us she had been passing though a lot and we were an answer to her prayer. Turns out her daughter is less active and we have started to teach them both and befriend them with their LDS neighbors! God works in mysterious but glorious ways!
My comps in our apartment.

But I've learned a lot this week about the story of Ammon and how he did everything he did with the spirit and the power of God. He went around doing little deeds of good and that's the reason the king changed! Alma16-18!

I love you all so so much! Keep smiling and always trust in Christ. He will never lead you astray!

Doing Family History
Hermana Briggs

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