Monday, August 1, 2016

Week 50 - Holes, The Living Christ, and Becoming

July 25, 2016

So sorry this is going to be short! But this week my companion, Hna Campana, fell in a hole in the sidewalk so our week has been spent helping her get better, have done lots of splits.  I am so grateful we have been in a trio to be able to help her get better and also to still help the work move on! 

We were able to help  a cute sister that leaves on her mission today! This is a pic of her and us! 

We taught the man that was super incredible again that I talked about a couple of weeks ago! His sister-in-law told us he was feeling pressured, so we we went just to talk and see if we could clarify the gospel a little bit better and help him feel the spirit! Well, yesterday we went and had another beautiful lesson with him! The beautiful lessons come when we are teaching by the spirit. The investigator has to let it in and we as missionaries have to invite the spirit in. 

And the picture of the other family is the one who is now commited to memorize the Living Christ! They are a mix of converts and less actives and this family is my absolute favorite! They are so willing to keep trying to do what is right even when no one else is! She kind of reminds me of Marnie my aunt! So super fun! We challenged them to draw pictures of their families in the temple and this is what they came up with! So cute!

Thanks for your unconditional love and support. Some weeks are hard, but the tender mercies of God always cover up the hardness. I love this quote from a 2010 General Conference address by Elder Scott I heard in zone conference this week "We become what we want to be by consistently being what we want to become each day." Keep smiling brightly and trying to be a little more like Christ every day!!!

Also comp and I walked like you and Heidi last night!!!! Actually, probably not as fast, but it made me think of you!

Love you all!
Hermana Briggs

Answers to questions:

With the Elders.
We found out that you can buy tortillas in Peru but they are scarce :) They don't eat them at all here...I think there is one taco place here but it's closed during our pday :) 

Sometimes it is hard not being able to find people. It has been eating at me this week and I realized that part of the problem is probably just me! I need to change my attitude a little bit and open my mouth a little bit more. Put my trust a little more in God and He is able to do all things. Sometimes God tries our patience to see how we will respond and if we will keep pushing forward. God also does things to help us, like he gave us a work visit. If you can believe it Hermana Mucha, my companion in Pucallpa, is now my sister leader. It was so cool to do a work visit with her and to see how she has progressed. She got me excited to talk with everyone and pray more fervently. Yes, there might be problems, but I'm grateful I can pray to the Lord to see others as He sees them. 

To answer some of your previous questions, when we don't have appointments we do a number of things. We contact referrals or contacts, or visit less actives or active members, or go knock doors. Just depending on what we plan and what the spirit says. We were able to put our memorized Living Christ to practice yesterday when we taught it as a lesson. It was so cool to see them get excited to also want to start memorizing it! 

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