Monday, August 1, 2016

Week 51 - 7 Soles, Holes, and Love Changes Hearts!

August 8, 2016


Haha! about the long skirts....we are a companionship of 3 now which means we all just wear each others clothes...those are my comps skirts :)

Us on a visit to the hospital.
As for my companion...she is doing a lot better. She has been resting for basically 2 weeks and she is going to start working today. Really it's such a blessing that we have been in a trio because we have still been able to work in our area pretty normally. It has been really rough for her because as a missionary, all you want to do is help people and when you can't sometimes it gets pretty depressing. We spent one of our nights in the clinic as the doctors over reacted about the severity of her condition...and all in all, we went back home with the same knowledge that we had at the beginning. The picture is us together in the hospital.

But I just wanted to share a couple of spiritual experiences....At the beginning of the week we went to visit a less active that won't let her 16 year-old son go to church. He wants to go so bad but she didn't want anything to do with it. We stopped by one night and she wouldn't talk to us. I had a bag of cookies that I had just bought and I had a strong impression to give her one. She accepted it and accepted us to come back! We visited her 2 more times this week and seems to be opening up her heart just from the love we are trying to show her. We have seen how miracles work just by showing a little love. 

Making visits in our area.
We were also walking in the street one night to an appointment, trying to figure out how to help Hermana Campana, who was staying in a members house while we worked. We said a little prayer and my first thought was, it would be cool if we could find 5 soles in the street to buy something for her to cheer her up... we kept walking and as I looked down to watch my step, I saw 2 pieces of money glimmering in the streetlights! There was 7 soles! We just stood in shock for a little bit because we couldn't believe that God had answered our prayer in such a quick open way! 

I also learned the power of sharing scripture stories this week! We shared a story about Amulek with a less active woman and her grandaughter who hasn't wanted much to do with us. As we shared this story with her, the light in her eyes changed and she beg
an to smile and converse with us more. These are the little miracles that I love seeing on my mission! They are the little things that make the big things come to pass. Alma 37:6

I love this gospel so so much and am learning so much more about the infinite love our Savior has for us every day. If we trust in Him and do what He has asked of us, we WILL NOT FALL!!! Thank you so much for your prayers and support! I can feel them half way around the world! 

Love you all so so much! Keep smiling brightly wherever you may be!

Con amor,
Hermana Briggs

Also, I finally broke my crocs this week! I must be getting old in the mission or something :) But dont worry, I still have shoes...I just thought it was funny I broke them.

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