Monday, August 1, 2016

Week 49 - I love the Book of Mormon! and a Birthday!

July 18, 2016

Wow, such a great week! The weeks always seem to be better and the hard parts sometimes funnier looking back on it. You end up learning a lot about what you can improve and what you did good. Now I understand why Grandma always does a weekly email. :) 

Our Trio - Hna Campana, me and Hna Vasquez.
Well, my week was a huge mix of craziness! On Monday we had changes...Hermana Vazquez and I didn't get changed, but we got an addition to our companionship!!! Yes, we are a trio and we are actually loving it!! Her name is Hermana Campana (that means Bell in English, so we call her our little Tinkerbell because she is so much shorter than both of us :) and she is from Lima! She was actually in our zone last change so she just hopped over to join us. She got baptized 2 years ago and has such a rock solid testimony! I absolutely love the 3 of us together and we have already been able to build a good strong relationship in just 1 week! we also got a huge part of the Elder's old area because they closed their area. We are actually glad we are 3 because we can do divisions easily to be able to help more people. 

Birthday celebrations!
Also, thank you all for the birthday wishes! I feel like a 15 year-old girl still, but I guess everyone has to grow up at some point. Hermana Campana said that we should have gone to Neverland, but we didn't find it fast enough :) I ate lots and lots of good food, probably too much, and we didn't do much exciting that day because we had planning and ward counsel and correlacion misional, but it was so good to reflect on what I have done for the past 20 years of my life and how I have grown as a daughter of God. 
We received an investigator from the elders, too, who has a baptism date and at the beginning of the week we went to visit him. He was passing through a rough time and we were able to give him words of comfort and to trust in God. Later he told us that he hadn't been reading his scriptures since the elders left and that we had answered his prayer for help. We don't always see how much of an impact we make, but I am grateful for those times to see that we are helping in the Lord's work and we are helping change lives. 

I was reading a lot about humility this week again.  Maybe it's just where I was reading in the Book of Mormon, but I love the difference between the people of Limhi in Mosiah 22 and the people of Alma in Mosiah 24. Limhi and his people were compelled to be humble, but the people of Alma were just humble because they loved God. Limhi and his people suffered much death through war and the Lord was slow to hear their cries. Alma and his people were captive, too, but the Lord was quick to hear their cries because they bore their afflictions happily and patiently (Mosiah 24:15). I absolutely love this! They were both humble but arrived there in different ways and received different blessings for their actions. I love, love, love it! I can feel my testimony of the Book of Mormon growing so much more and I find so much strength in what I read every day! That is why I felt the need and desire to share what I had learned with all of you. I know this book is true with all my heart and that it changes lives! 

Eating way too much food on my bday!  Pictured here is the 3rd bday cake with my pensionista and bishop and others. 
I wish I could write a million more things! But I love you all so so much! Keep smiling brightly wherever you are in the beautiful world God created for His children. Love you!
Con amor,
Hermana Briggs

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