Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Week 52 - Grateful to be a Missionary

August 8, 2016

Also us doing service! I learned how to cut chicken
right! She wouldn't let me help her until I told her
 I wanted to learn!! :) with my crazy lions mane!
Our week has also been a week chucked full of miracles! I didn't know how I would feel about a trio, but every week I love it more and more! I have 2 of the best companions on the planet! 
Us, after getting completely soaked!
We had started teaching a hermana who at the beginning we thought would progress, but after a lesson where she only told us that faith can move mountains and that you don’t need anything more because all the churches are true, we decided we might drop her. She was an old investigator and we didn’t know how we felt about her progression.  We decided to wait to see if she came to church. Well, she came! And come to find out her good friend is a less active that is reactivating! She had such a great experience and we know that the Lord's hand was there helping her and us.
Eating cow tongue! It's actually good!
We were stuck another day when all our plans fell through, not knowing where to go; so we said a prayer and felt guided to go to a converts house on the other side of our area. So we jumped in a moto, but when we got there she wasn’t available. We made a return appointment and decided to go find a contact on the same street. We are looking for a new apartment right now, too, because we are not living in our area and we were drawn to a sign that said they had an apartment for rent. We started talking with her next door neighbor and ended up teaching her! By the end of the week we concluded that she won't progress, but I really feel that we were guided to her for a reason, so we will keep on trying.
We also had a huge storm this week that completely soaked us and knocked down a tree in our area. As we drove past, Hna Vazquez and I got to thinking about how we are like these trees…in all different forms and shapes, and we all need to be rooted in the gospel of Jesus Christ or when the winds come we will fall so quickly because there is nothing holding us down.  I know the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the root! And I am so grateful that it can make us strong, because with our own efforts we just can't be.
I really was just so incredibly happy to be a missionary this week. Every day we came home and I felt so grateful to have been able to help so many people. Sometimes we feel like our efforts aren't good enough, but if we are doing the best we can, God doesn't expect anything more of us. 
D&C 18:10-11
Hermana Briggs
Me and my companions!

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